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Delete your Chrome browsing history - Computer - Google Clear your history On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More. How to Delete Items From the Drop-Down List in Google Removing Entries. When the drop-down list of suggestions appear, you can highlight an entry by pressing the down arrow key. Press "Shift-Delete" to remove the highlighted entry from the list. How to delete drop down list in Excel? 1. Select the cell or range you want to delete the drop down list in, and click Data> Data Validation> Data Validation. How to clear your downloads folder

How to Delete Items in the Search Drop Down Internet Explorer 8. Click the "Safety" menu on the far-right side of your browser's tab bar. Play/Pause SPACE Select Safari 4. Click the "History" tab at the top of the screen. Chrome. Mac users, select "Chrome" and then "Clear Browsing Data" on the

Jun 16, 2016 PC Hell: Deleting URLs from the Address Bar Dropdown List

In this article, you will learn how to delete drop down list. The dropdown list is used to restrict the user to input data and gives the option to select from the list. We need to delete or remove the Dropdown list as the user will able to input any data instead of choosing from a list. To delete or remove …

Dec 29, 2000 Delete drop down search history - The eBay Community Thanks for the info Right-Now-petel unfortuntly it doesnot help me. The problem is not with shown history on the left hand side of page. but with the drop down search's that appear when you type what you