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Ubuntu – Ubuntu Packages Search Add to package list and show those architectures, too. 2015-10-27 Reflect wily release, add xenial, remove utopic. 2015-06-02 Reflect vivid release, add wily, remove lucid. 2014-11-12 Reflect utopic release, add vivid. 2014-08-29 Properly fix changelog link. Update footer to add 'report a bug' link. Git Ubuntu: More on the imported repositories | Ubuntu This is the third post in our series on our git workflow tooling in Ubuntu. There is an index of all our planned posts in the first post.As mentioned there, it is important to keep in mind that the tooling and implementation are still highly experimental. Nish introduced our imported repositories using the git ubuntu clone wrapper, as well as using git directly.

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How To Add Apt Repository In Ubuntu | Linuxize Aug 26, 2019 How to Add/Remove PPA Repositories in Ubuntu

Know the commands to obtain the list of repositories and PPAS installed in Ubuntu. When managing Linux distros, we have numerous options to install various tools and applications that will be of great help within all the management that we must perform either management level, support or infrastructure.

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