A ping sends a "packet" of electronic data to a specific IP address and "waits" for an electronic signal/tone that's known as a "pong." ("Waiting" for the pong is an inaccurate term: It takes a brief moment to get the response back.) Also, the terms "ping" and "pong" have nothing to do with a game of Ping …

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Yes I've verified that the IP address I'm trying to ping is correct. Verified the ports are forwarded correctly in the router (UPD 500, 4500, 1701). Internal and external set to port numbers, and destination set to Synology IP. Router is Linksys EA9500 Synology DS918+ Service is Business NBN I I can ping my own IP with a ping <1ms. Edit: let me try to ping it from another connection. I can ping my TPG connection with my Optus Cable. I cannot ping your connection with my TPG connection or my Optus cable. User #23205 19957 posts. MitH +1. Whirlpo

I can't seem to ping my public ip from outside my network. I can ping from inside but not outside. My setup is as follows: I go through att uverse for my internet. I have that hooked up to my Linksys router and I also have a server running windows server 2008 hooked up to my router. I can ping the public ip from the server and the router but if

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