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Apt Get List Installed - RoseHosting.com Blog List the installed software packages on Ubuntu. First of all, connect to your Linux server via SSH. To … How To List Available Updates and Updateable Packages with apt and apt-get provides online package update for the deb based distributions. We can list currently available updates of the current system with these apt and apt-get commands in different ways. We can list updateable or upgradeable packages for Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali etc. Ubuntu ‘apt-get’ list of commands (list, update, upgrade Nov 02, 2019

List All Installed Packages with apt on Debian 9

Mar 24, 2018

Of course you can run apt-get update and apt-cache search keyword to search for packages if you remember anything related. If it's a PPA or 3rd party, you'd better check the repo's URL and see the list.

How can I list all available versions of specific package? I know with. apt-get install myPackage=1.2.3 a specific version could be installed. And with. apt-show-versions -a myPackage I would get a list of versions that are known by the system. But how getting a list of all available versions. What are apt-get Command Options in Linux a Complete Guide May 05, 2020 How to search for packages in Ubuntu Server with apt cache