Jan 03, 2019

If you are using ifup then DNS settings go in /etc/network/interfaces. For each interface you add dns-* options appropriate for the nameserver (s) available over that interface. E.g., if a nameserver at address is available over interface eth0, then add dns-nameservers to the iface eth0 stanza. Domain name resolution - ArchWiki - Arch Linux DNS servers. DNS servers can be authoritative and recursive. If they are neither, they are called stub resolvers and simply forward all queries to another recursive name server. Stub resolvers are typically used to introduce DNS caching on the local host or network. Note that the same can also be achieved with a fully-fledged name server. ubuntu - How do I register Linux server with Windows DNS How do I do the equivalent in Linux? I don't necessarily want to register them with the domain using Likewise Open, unless that is the only way to send DNS entries to the Windows server. These are static IP's. I realize I could add the DNS entries on the Windows side manually as well, but I'm not actually in charge of that Windows DNS server. How to change DNS ip address in RHEL - nixCraft Jan 03, 2019

Adding a DNS Server. To add a DNS server: Log on to HC panel. From the left menu click General, and then Server Manager. The Server Manager page is displayed. Click Add Server. The Add Server page is displayed. Click the Friendly Name arrow and select the required server from the drop-down list box.

May 09, 2013 Configure DNS Server on CentOS 8 – Linux Hint To confirm the installation, press Y and then press .. BIND 9 should be installed. Configuring BIND 9 DNS Server: The main configuration of BIND is /etc/named.conf.You add your custom DNS databases in the /var/named/ directory. Once the DNS databased are created, you add your custom zone files in the /etc/named/ directory and include the zone files in the /etc/named.conf configuration file. How to Set DNS Nameservers on Ubuntu 18.04 - Linux

Add custom DNS server on Linux¶ On Linux the DNS settings can be controlled by various different methods. Two of them are via Network Manager and systemd-resolved. Choose on of the methods depending on your local setup. Table of Contents

Manually Join a Linux Instance - AWS Directory Service Configure the Linux instance to use the DNS server IP addresses of the AWS Directory Service-provided DNS servers. You can do this either by setting it up in the DHCP Options set attached to the VPC or by setting it manually on the instance. How To Configure DNS Server On Ubuntu 18.04 - ITzGeek Jan 05, 2020 Configuring Unbound as a simple forwarding DNS server