Tim Berners-Lee

History of the Internet and Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Feb 11, 2019 When was the internet invented and who is Sir Tim Berners-Lee? Jun 26, 2019 What does Tim berners lee now do - Answers Tim Berners Lee is still alive. What does Tim berners lee do now? Tim Berners-Lee is currently the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, as well as a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute

Sir Tim Berners-Lee calls for protection for the World

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee is worried that a for-profit company plans to buy the organization that administers the .org internet addresses used by millions of nonprofit organizations. Tim Berners-Lee to soon launch Inrupt, a startup to Tim Berners-Lee, who is better known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, is launching a startup called Inrupt, which he has reportedly been building in stealth since the past nine months Inventor of World Wide Web wins computing's 'Nobel Prize'

— Tim Berners-Lee (@timberners_lee) July 27, 2012. Important Note: This text is intended as a brief introduction to the history of the web. For a more detailed account, you might want to consider reading: A Little History of the World Wide Web; W3C’s 10th Anniversary “Weaving the Web” by Tim Berners-Lee

Jun 26, 2019